Contraception, Childbirth and Ante-Natallogo

Contraceptive Services

A full contraceptive service is provided. Coil checks and cap fittings are provided by one of the doctors in conjunction with the practice nurses.  Practice nurses will alternate six monthly appointments with the doctors for women who are on the oral contraceptive pill.

Planning your Baby and Childbirth

Please consult us for a general health check as part of planning for your baby. Folic acid supplements are recommended for all before conception and for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Smoking and alcohol are well recognised health hazards for the mother and baby. Give up!

Ante-Natal Care

We are able to provide much of the ongoing care for you in your pregnancy. Care is shared between the Midwives and the Doctors. The Midwives visit the practice on Monday afternoons and Wednesday mornings, as well as undertaking some home visits.

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