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Repeat Prescriptions

Patients on regular medication from their GP or hospital clinic do not always need to see the doctor for a repeat of their medication. You will be issued with a computer slip attached to your prescription, detailing your medication.

There are various ways to order your repeat medication:

  • Call 01952 580350 (Prescription Ordering Direct)
  • Online via Patient Access

Please allow 2 working days from receipt for us to produce the repeat prescription and remember to check your prescriptions a bit earlier before long bank holiday weekends. We will send your prescription by post if you include a stamped addressed envelope.

Online Ordering is now available (see below)

Please ask at reception to register for this new service, you will be given your unique Access. You can then click on the link and following the instructions:



Your repeat prescription will usually be ready for collection from Reception 24 hours (excluding weekends or bank holidays) after you make your request, HOWEVER it is best to be prepared to give 48 hours notice.

Is your Prescription Review Date Approaching?

Please contact the Surgery to make an appointment for a review a week or two before the review date.

Drug Names

Our policy is to use generic names wherever possible. Many companies produce the same product under different brand names. Generic names avoid confusion and are included in all labelling in smaller print under the brand name.

Do You Pay for Your Prescriptions?

Prescriptions are free for:

  • Men and women over sixty
  • Pregnant women with a valid maternity certificate
  • Children under sixteen or up to nineteen in full-time education
  • Mothers of babies under twelve months
  • People who receive income support (check list on Form P11 from Social Security or Post Office)
  • People with family credit
  • Certain chronic conditions
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